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Taipei City Museum
 City Two Walls
STATUS :          Ongoing, Stage 4
TYPE :               Museum / Preliminary project planning / Exhibition Design 
LOCATION :     Taipei City, Taiwan
DESIGN :          B+P Architects
TEAM :              Jeff Tsai / Happy Pong / Mefe Lee
Collaborator : The Urbanists Collaborative
Ward with V dots is to reinvigorate the space of an old hospital and assist the vulnerable teenagers to regrow.
This old hospital with 70 years of history is now the important rejuvenating base for the old residents in Sanxia and it will become the life skills training venue for local vulnerable and highly attention-required students in the future. Meanwhile, it will also be a place for factory tours and as the internship store. The strategy for its space development is based on how to connect the future applications and the framework of the building. B+P Architects tried to show our respect to the old but reborn space to make it with new leaves on an old tree so the features of the original wardrooms are kept and maximized.
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