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The Inverted 
 Renovation of a historical building
STATUS :                   Completed, 2016 Dec
TYPE :                        Regeneration / Historical Building 
LOCATION :              Taipei City, Taiwan
DESIGN :                   B+P Architects
TEAM :                       Jeff Tsai / Jim Wei / Linzi Lin / Chien Tung Chen
CLIENT :                    Yeh Family
COLLABORATORS:   Dotze Innovations Studio / YUNU Manufactory

Renovation of a Historical Building

Historical building contains many strong characteristic of space and living and it expresses the significance of the certain age. While facing the renovation of a historical building, our first intention is to “re-specify” the initial gestures of the space in order to remain the condition for the traces of time could be experienced. Therefore, carefully but distinctive inserting an element to shape new spaces become the key issue of this project.

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