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In-Between Fabric
 City Two Walls
STATUS :          Completed, 2015
TYPE :               Exhibition Space design / Curator
LOCATION :     Milao Li , Taiwan
DESIGN :          B+P Architects
TEAM :              Jeff Tsai / Yi Shen Lee / Chia Yin Chiu
CLIENT :           Taiwan Hakka Museum
Collaborator : Whole+ Design
in between fabric_04.jpg

Evolution is a concept of reproduction and synergism, explaining that different cultures may exchange with and accept each other and further restructure and integrate in the interaction process due to differences of time, space and semantic, thereby creating a whole new culture that moves across culture to merge with localization. 

The natural phenomena of social exchange, accumulation, diversity and representation spontaneously allow the concept of Evolution to apply to the probe into its relevance to costume variation.  Through the application of Hakka cultural image and contemporary art, the costume variation can be used as a means of attempting to search for a new room for dialogue in diversified space.

The spatial design innovates upon “Evolution”, reflecting on the simplistic and clam spirits of Hakka culture as well as the sewn-together creation of Hakka clothing using colored fabrics.  We then use space as a background for clothes. Using this simple space background that accentuates the color composition of the fashion designer’s creation and utilizing flexibility and resilience of the gauzes, we are able to interpret people’s cognition of boundaries, which echoes with the static mannequins, their clothes and the dynamic observers, and foster diversified interpersonal relations through spatial relations between bodies and clothing. 

Combing the simple background and the Hakka cultural image that highlight each other, we hope to create a dialogue between the rhythm of the walking space and the music and lead the observers to traverse leisurely and elegantly by incorporating the infusion of minimalistic aesthetics through compartmentalization using gauzes, and plain white semi-transparent circular spaces; we look forward to displaying a simplistic, elegant, calm, pragmatic and harmonious design concept and enabling the work to present an elusive form of subtle beauty through the dynamic space of visuals and tactile touches generated by the chemistry between the people and the gauzes. 

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